Where to buy pet products in the North Staffs area

This page is to offer tips on local retailers selling Guinea Pig products:

If you have any recommendations let Helen know  !!

Small Pet Select - National Retailer

A USA based company now established in the UK

Delivered to your door !!

Please visit their great web site to view and order their full range of products.

Speedy delivery from a family company.


BM bargains

I love the hay from BM its lovely and only £3.49 for a large pack !!!

They also sell timothy hay and other small animal treats.

Home Bargains

Great selection of fresh veg and fruit 

Small packs of Hay / shavings / Food. I find the hay a bit "strawy" but its good as a back up.

Guinea Pig cardboard tunnels - Great value £1.99, cheaper than large retail pet stores.

Puppy pads - Ideal for post op Guinea Pig care, and to inspect urine -if UTI suspected.

Cat igloo beds £4.99 lovely and cosy for winter snuggles.

Jacob and Marley with their bed.

The Range - Fenton

Great pet section in this massive store just off City Road, Fenton.

Much cheaper and better quality products than another large pet retailer.They do not sell animals.

Hay - compressed large bale.Really lovely hay.

Shavings - compressed bale,good quality.Not dusty.

Food - Science selective grain free & Burgess products

Cages / runs - Very good choice indoor and oudoor cages.

Health products - Good range including small animal mite drops  by beaphar £4.69 worth keeping in / puppy pads.

Toys / play items - Grass tunnels which we use

They sell BEAPHAR mite drops

The Meadows Animal Supplies - Newchapel for baled meadow hay, shavings and food.Linda will order what you require.

Jolleeys pet store Congleton -Full range good quality products.Will order in for you

Penparc - Fenton - Full range pet products.They will order what you require.

H.R Lea Oakes -Congleton, animal feeds supplier: Full range of small animal products/ prepacked meadow hay/shavings.