Updated :/14/07/24 We have no single Guinea Pigs available

How to adopt ?

1:Please make time to read our full adoption policy on this web site, brief details are below.

You will see pictures of the type of accommodation we accept on our adoption policy page.

2:If you can comply with our accommodation and care requirements please complete the application form on the adoption policy page,one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

3: A no obligation visit to meet your potential new family members will be arranged, at a mutually convenient time. All our residents are cared for by a team of foster carers in their own homes.

We are available to advise and advise post adoption.

4: Adoption donation:

£20 per Guinea Pig

£70 neutered boar ( sow companion only)

Thank you Helen - Rescue Manager

Accommodation required by our policy:

Indoor set up: More space the better !! 

Indoor cage:Minimum  140cm length (4ft 7)  Various brands available eg: Ferplast.

C & C set up :Minimum 5ft x 2ft ( we may consider 4ft x 2ft C&C with loft ) 

Regular daily floor time / play pen - outdoor covered  run time during summer month's 

We do not accept ferplast type double indoor cages. 


Seasonal set up: Hutch examples on our adoption policy page.

Hutch based inside a garage / shed / outbuilding, this must have light / some form of heating.

Hutch can be moved to a sheltered area outdoors during summer months. At whatever time of year you adopt we will need to see your seasonal accommodation area.

5ft x 2ft hutch to offer minimum floor space of 5ft. 

Outdoor covered run time during summer month's.

We will accept a 5 x 2 double hutch with ramp - must have ramp sides and have safety adaptations.

We do not rehome to free range gardens.

We do not accept EGLU set up's as permanent accommodation.

We do not rehome to hutches kept outside in the element's all year round.

Elijah & Noah Age 1.5 & 8 weeks Boar pair We have been waiting for 3 months. AVAILABLE 🐾

Elijah arrived over 2 months ago as part of a large neglect case. He was emaciated with a mite infection ( see second photo) yet such a lovely affectionate boar. We estimate his age around 14mths he is just adorable and very friendly. Since arrival we have paired with Noah an unwanted baby boar and they have a lovely bond. They like their food and Elijah happily lets Noah play and run around ❤️

Suitable for a family with children.

Seasonal or indoor set up 

Email [email protected]

Foster carer - Helen will provide further information and arrange a meet & greet.