26/11/23 We have 3 boar pairs available for adoption. We have no single Guinea Pig's available.

How to adopt ?

1:Read our full adoption policy on this web site,brief details are below.

2:If you can comply with our requirements please complete the application form on the adoption policy page.

3: We will let you know which Guinea Pig's we still have available and hopefully match you with your perfect piggies ASAP or add you to our waiting list.

4: Adoption donation:

£20 per Guinea Pig

£70 neutered boar

Thank you Helen - Rescue Manager


Scooby & Dooby - Age 2 Bonded boar pair - AVAILABLE

Gorgeous boar pair unwanted due to change in owners circumstances.

Scooby - Tri colour

Dooby - Silver agouti

We are looking for a wonderful forever home with lots of love for this super pair who get on really well,enjoy cuddles and take treats by hand.Lets get this duo a home by Christmas !

Seasonal or indoor set up - see below for details

Email  - [email protected]

Foster carer - Charlotte will provide further information

Vinny & Sonny - Age 6 months Bonded boar brothers AVAILABLE

This super little pair are just gorgeous and are really enjoying their new surroundings and treats with their foster carer Jannah !!

We are looking for a boar only home willing to give lots of care and attention to this wonderful pair to build up their confidence.Sonny crested boar is easiest to approach and can be picked up fairly easily but Vinny is more chilled when having cuddles.Lets get this duo a home by Christmas.

Seasonal or indoor set up - see below for details.

Email [email protected]

Foster carer - Jannah will provide further information.

Branston & Pickle - Age 3 Bonded boar pair AVAILABLE

Really gorgeous boar pair,sadly unwanted pets. Have gained confidence with foster carer Ian and enjoy cuddles and lap time. We are looking for an adult / older child family who can give this super duo a loving home.

Seasonal or indoor set up - see below for details.

Email [email protected]

Foster carer - Ian will provide further information.

Accomodation required by our policy

Indoor set up:

Indoor cage minimum 140cm  or C & C set up min 4ft x 2ft 

( Indoor piggies tend to have more floor time hence minimum requirement - ideal is 5ft x 2ft)

Regular floor time / play pen - outdoor covered  run time during summer month's 

We do not accept ferplast type double indoor cages

Seasonal set up:

Indoor garage / shed / outbuilding  set up with light / heating : Hutch can be moved to sheltered area outdoors during summer months.

5ft x 2ft hutch minimum floor space not including ramps

Outdoor covered run time during summer month's.

We will accept a 5 x 2 double hutch with ramp - must have ramp sides and have safety adaptations.

We do not rehome to free range gardens.

We do not accept EGLU set up's as permanent accomodation.

We do not rehome to hutches kept outside in the element's all year round 

Email : [email protected]  for further details