The Guinea Pig Forum

The Guinea Pig Forum, our forum of choice.

I am very choosy about which forums and groups i recommend as they are just that - forums !!!

Often full of opinion...not always evidence based and not necessarily correct...and owners well, causing other owners to get into complete confusion over a Guinea Pig issue which is bothering them.

I am sure you can relate to that,i know i can.

Social media especially facebook is awash with Guinea Pig groups, different ideals,opinions and standards of posts and communication.

Our rescue  recommends `The Guinea Pig Forum`and i have been a member since 2009, watching it grow to be the amazing resource it is for all things Guinea Pig and run by an excellent and highly experienced team of Guinea Pig owners. I am not saying all forums are not of the same standard but, i may not have discovered them yet so this article is just based on my experience to this point.

Our rescue uses forum resources on a regular basis and directs clients to its pages for sound advice.

Our web links page has a link to the forum web site.

Its free to join, no one will hassle you, no annoying adverts , yet you will have a library of evidence based articles on all aspects of Guinea Pig care to use as and when needed:


Health Issues

Acute Illness

Syringe feeding

Boar health issues

Skin problems


The list is huge !!!

If you wish you can make new friends,share experiences,find out about other rescues and forum social meetings taking place across the country,then why not take a look at some of its pages which,you can do without joining.

Helen xxx

Rescue Manager