Meet the team at The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue


                                All about The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue

Hello my name is Helen Chadwick and i am just potty about Guinea Pigs !!

I fell in love with Guinea Pigs as a child and still feel the same.

I run The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue from my home in Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent......" The Potteries".

kyle and me

Helen, Kyle Robinson Kidsgrove Town Mayor 2013 and Oscar


Helen (left) receiving a good citizen award  from Kidsgrove Town Council 2012  

Rachel Chadwick

rachel and del

Rachel is my daughter and has a BSc honours in Animal Management - University of Chester.

Rachel helps with all aspects of the rescue, and loves tractors, cows and donkeys !!

She now works as a Radiography Assistant, and looks after her horse Del Boy.

Mandy Woodcock


Aka known as Potty Pig !!

Mandy has been with me since we began, she helps run all aspects of the rescue.

Mandy helps at all fundraising events and is just devoted to the well being of guinea pigs.

Sarah McGarry

sarah and brandy

Sarah is a busy university student and adopted Angel and Barley from the rescue and became part of our team !!

Sarah fosters long term residents and guinea pigs needing rehabilitation and helps me with all aspects of the rescue and our web site.She is mum to piggy Barley and helps Barley with his online health page !! She also makes great cakes.

Sarah has just rescued Brandy the most gorgeous doggy !! She is adorable

Neill Adams

neill on stall

Neill has been with us since the start,he can always be found at our fundraising events and specialises in making lots of money for the Guinea Pigs on the tombola :)

Natasha Buckley-Robbins


Tasha has been with me since the start, we met on the guinea pig forum and discovered we lived near to one another.Tasha helps with all aspects of the rescue and fosters for the rescue.

Rescue foster carers and helpers                    

Sharon, Anthony and Charlotte Smith

Sheena Dunlop

Ian and Andrea Speakman  

Joe Podmore

Claire Tomkinson                                                                                            

                   Greg and toffee on mat

                                  Gregory and Toffee Chadwick (RIP 8/10)