Meet the team at The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue


                                All about The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue

Hello my name is Helen Chadwick and i am just potty about Guinea Pigs !!

I fell in love with Guinea Pigs as a child and still feel the same.

I run The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue from my home in Kidsgrove near Stoke on Trent......" The Potteries".

kyle and me

Helen, Kyle Robinson Kidsgrove Town Mayor 2013 and Oscar


Helen (left) receiving a good citizen award  from Kidsgrove Town Council 2012  

Rachel Chadwick

rachel and del

Rachel is my daughter and has a BSc honours in Animal Management - University of Chester, she helps with all aspects of the rescue, and loves tractors, cows and donkeys !!

Rachel is a UK dairy transition manager.

Mandy Woodcock


Aka known as Potty Pig !!

Mandy has been with me since the beginning, she helps with all aspects of the rescue.

Mandy helps organise all rescue activity, fundraising events and looks after post-operative Guinea Pigs.

Suzy Turner, Lily Jones & Martyn Forrest

suzy and m

Last year Suzy and Martyn won "The Sentinel Pet Idol" competition with their gorgeous boar Guinea Pig Scooby.

Scooby was an elderly Guinea Pig and sadly passed away prior to the end of the competition,and Suzy and Martyn offered to donate his winnings if Scooby won.He did and the photo above shows them giving Helen a cheque for £500 !! Which was an amazing gesture of kindness.Suzy and Martyn are now part of our team fostering neglected Guinea Pigs and helping with fundraising.

Below is Scoobys winning photograph,isnt he amazing.


They have adopted Mary and are looking after Kevin a neutered single boar...all fingers crossed Mary will love him !!

Sarah McGarry, Dean Hassall and Brandy

 sarah and dean

Sarah is a busy masters degree student and adopted Angel and Barley from the rescue and became part of our team !! 

They care for short and long term residents with special needs.

Dean makes great cakes and Brandy their rescue dog, well she is just adorable !!!

Ian and Andrea Speakman

ian andrea

Ian and Andrea adopted Guinea Pigs from us and became foster carers.They are a wonderful caring couple who foster Batman & Robin long term and short term residents as needed.They have done great work with socialising traumatised Guinea Pigs and are much valued members of our team.                    

Emma Philips    

emma p

Emma  and family adopted Bill & Eric from us and decided to join our foster carer team ! She is just a lovely lady who adores her Guinea Pigs and makes the most fantastic cakes !! Emma recently donated one of her wonderful creations to our spring raffle and we raised £53. Her daughter Evie helps her to care for the foster Guinea Pigs.Sadly Emma lost Bill this week and the good news is we have paired him with new friend Rocket,photos to follow !!!

Visit for details on Emmas celebration cakes for all occasions.

Dale Ashley     

dale ashley

Dale adopted Doris & Bella off the rescue, sadly Doris passed away but, Bella now has a new friend Teddy sow Emily.

Dale just adores Guinea Pigs and i was so pleased when he offered to join our rescue team !

Dale and wife Wendy help with fostering & fundraising, infact their first event raised £100 !! Dale loves superbikes and Stoke City FC so i guess he has good taste all round !! They have just taken in their first foster piggy Fudge - updates on latest rescue news page.


                   Greg and toffee on mat

                                  Gregory and Toffee Chadwick (RIP 8/10)