Boars for adoption / Neutered boar & sow pair



Boars- Page updated 1/11/19

Adoption donation:

£15.00 per Guinea Pig 

£50 minimum donation for a neutered boar (Our veterinary surgery costs are £65)

All Guinea Pigs will have received a veterinary health check / nail clipping / mite treatment if required.

Please read our adoption policy and parental advice BEFORE contacting us,we will check your set up prior to adoption.

We offer full post adoption support for all our clients.


Remi & Pirate AVAILABLE

Remi - Brown Abyssinian cross age 13 months

Pirate - Smooth hair black & white age 10 weeks

Gorgeous boar pair looking for an indoor home !!!

Remi was from a large scale rescue of over 100 Guinea Pigs living in very poor conditions but following some TLC he has made a great recovery and been paired with Pirate an unwanted baby boar. They have been together for several weeks and are getting on really well.
We want an indoor home with lots of love for this beautiful boar pair.

If you are interested please email us at [email protected] quote: Remi and Pirate

remi and pirate

Indoors accomodation

No smoking home

140cm length indoor cage minimum or C&C grid set up system minimum 5ft x 2ft

Daily access to exercise run / floor time