Boars for adoption / Neutered boar & sow pair



Boars- Page updated 1/8/19

Adoption donation:

£15.00 per Guinea Pig 

£50 minimum donation for a neutered boar (Our veterinary surgery costs are £65)

All Guinea Pigs will have received a veterinary health check / nail clipping / mite treatment if required.

Please read our adoption policy and parental advice BEFORE contacting us.


**Boar pairs available soon**

Ronnie neutered boar age 7 months - AVAILABLE

Gorgeous little boar loking for a sow date !!

He is very friendly and has made an excellent recovery from his surgery.

Adoption policy applies please read before you contact us to express an interest.


Please ensure you read and can comply with our adoption policy before contacting us

We will check your set up prior to adoption.

Outdoors accomodation:

5ft hutch single / double

Hutch cover

Access to regular exercise run min 5ft

SUMMER - Hutch can be outdoors in summer months, but winter accomodation must be available for inspection at the time of adoption.

WINTER -Garage /Shed with lighting, insulation and not used for car storage.

Indoors accomodation

No smoking home

120cm length minimum or C&C grid set up system minimum 5ft x 2ft

Daily access to exercise run / floor time