Sows for adoption

Page up dated 30/11/18

As we have a waiting list of potential owners,not all our available Guinea Pigs get listed.

So its always best to email us with details of what you are looking for.

A suggested donation is £15.00 per Guinea Pig 

All Guinea Pigs will have received a vet check,nail clip and if required mite treatment.

Please read our adoption policy and parental advice BEFORE contacting us

Until Spring 2019 we only rehome to warm, indoor accomodation -see our adoption policy.


None available at present

Min sizes for housing: Full details and pictures on our adoption policy

Winter accomodation

Garage / shed:with ventilation,insulation,heat and light available.

Not used for car storage

5ft hutch single or double

Hutch cover

Access to regular exercise run min 4ft

Indoor house cage:

No smoking home only

120cm minimum length or type such as C & C  5ft x 2ft set up

Daily access to exercise run / floor time

Please ensure you read and can comply with our adoption policy before contacting us

Email interest to [email protected]