Boars for adoption / Neutered boar & sow pair


Boars-Page updated 19/8/17

A suggested donation is £15.00 per single Guinea Pig 

£50 minimum donation for a neutered boar (Our veterinary surgery costs are £55)

Please contact the relevant foster carer listed by each Guinea Pig.

All Guinea Pigs will have received a veterinary health check / nail clipping / mite treatment if required.

Please read our adoption policy BEFORE contacting us.


Trio:Jacob neutered boar and sow pair Esme and Rosa Lee - Available now details to follow


Ted and Terry single boars are currently recovering from neutering and will be available in 6 weeks time for sow bondings.


If you are interested please text Helen 07398108179 or email 

Indoor home (No smoking home only) or outdoor in secure draught proof hutch.You must have indoor accomodation available for the winter.

Min sizes for housing:

5ft Hutch or double 4ft hutch with safe ramp area.

Indoor cage:Length 120cm minimum or C&C grids pen set up.

Daily access to exercise run

Please ensure you read and can comply with our adoption policy before contacting us.