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The Managers Latest news page !!!!


Honey and Angel are reserved and, Sam & Tam went to their forever home this week !!

Great news !!!


Its been a busy week as i wait for my first Grandchild !! and organise rescue activity. We are full so i am trying to raise awareness amongst the public.

We shall shortly have a feature in the local newspaper `The Sentinel` and on March 1st i am a guest on  Radio Stoke the Louise`s lunchtimers show.

Please support us however you can and share our web site and facebook details with friends !!


Next week its Valentines Day when red is the theme of the week xxx

Did you know we have difficulty rehoming Guinea Pigs with pink / red eyes ??????

Its true many rescues struggle with rehoming animals with red eyes, media and film have not helped by portraying red eyes as something nasty !!

There is a simple scientific explanation,its not rocket science and doesn`t involve spinning heads.

Visit our page on the web site to read our article kindly written by our vet Clive Curry.

My opinion its a Guinea Pig, it has eyes, stop being daft !!!!!

Children are NOT born scared of red eyes its adults perpetuating the myth.

Resident news

Jamie - making a good recovery from neutering

Theo- making a good recovery from neutering

Blondie had her sow date with Ginger and has now moved to her new home !

blondie and ginger

New arrival Jerry 4 month old boar has had a successful bonding with Coco, Leos bereaved friend.

Cresta has had a successful date and moved to live with Holly and family.

Great news for him and Ian who rescued him from neglect.

cresta and friend


Very sad to report that we lost Leo over the weekend. He had been making good progress but had underlying issues.He had a stroke and passed away peacefully on Friday evening.

Its always hard when this happens but he truly had a great time since he arrived in the rescue and was never out of the food bowl !!

Rest in peace beautiful Leo xxx

leo 3

On a positive note single unwanted boar Bubble had his date with Lancelot and has moved to Shropshire !!

Anne reports Bubble is so laid back he`s being shared between Lancelot and Arthur her other older boar !!

Bubble just adorable and we are really happy for him,here he is with Lancelot age 5 ( dark coloured piggy) !!



Bobby arrived this week, yet another member of a boar trio bullied and injured.He is a sweet 9 month old boar now receiving TLC from Sophia foster mum

He has numerous cuts which need to heal. Once Bobby is recovered he will join our neutering programme.

bobby fluff

scabby bobby

Merlin and Arthur age 3.5 year old boars arrived, both lovely.Timid but with love and patience will be super pets.They were handed in as owners new rescue dog wasnt leaving them alone,they were terrified on arrival and have had little handling.

Before adopting a new pet,please consider how your current pets will be affected !!!!

merlin and arthur


Leo continues to improve and is now 800g.

Lots of emails concerning people wanting to give up their pets for various reasons.

We are full at the moment and only taking in emergencies.

If you know someone thinking of adoption please tell them about us !! we have several pairs of Guinea Pigs waiting for their forever home.


The rescue is now open for adoptions and we have some gorgeous Guinea Pigs available.

Leo is doing great !! He has put 200g on and along with Coco is enjoying his new fleece bed.

Theo our 2 year old single boar has been neutered and is making a good recovery.


Leo had his vet check and received medication for loose stools !!

After overnight indulgence in his food bowl,he wants to eat but is on a hay / water diet with fibreplex off our vets. Teeth check showed a little overgrowth on molars but as he is eating our vet will monitor and hopefully good chewing will settle this. Leo enjoyed his bath and is a good boy taking his medication. Coco his companion is fine.

leo 1


Today 2 boar pairs arrived from a piggy bank coordinated rescue.They are all around 2 to 3 years old.

An owner had health issues and decided to surrender all her pets,thankfully she did, as these Guinea Pigs need  health care and attention.

Leo & Coco - Leo only weighed 600g (  below ginger / black hair) and is having a veterinary health / dental check tomorrow, he has not moved from the food bowl despite showing a little difficulty in eating.Really hoping its good news for him.

Coco is very gentle but needed a bath,he was filthy !!

coco and leo

Fred & Barney are our other pair both lovely, just in need of baths ! They are settling today,pamper will follow tomorrow.

fred barney

Follow their progress here !!!


Dear Supporters,

Busy in the rescue last weekend pairing our baby boars up with bereaved boars off our waiting list.

These scrumptious baby boars, were born a day after a sow arrived from a neglect situation.

Mum is recovering and now has her own sow friend.

harry and baby

When Harry age 5 met his baby boar !!! Harry is a long term bereaved resident and lives with foster carer Rachel.

ben and baby

When Ben age 5 met his baby boar friend.Debbie reports they are firm friends already !!

Tigger who arrived in July from an awful neglect situation has, at last recovered from his ordeal and following successful neutering has now moved in with new sow wives Mary and Daisy. Huge thanks to Sophia his foster mum for her dedication and care.

Suzy his piggy mum reports they are all very happy, what a brilliant success story for Tigger !!!

tigger daisy and mary

The rescue is now closed for routine adoptions until 3rd January 2018.

If you have a single bereaved Guinea Pig please contact us to see if we have a friend available.

We will do bondings for bereaved Guinea Pigs.

Emails will be answered over the festive period.

We wish all our supporters a very Happy Christmas,thank you for all your support this year.

Helen & Mandy


festive piggy


Christmas Auction

A huge THANK YOU to all our supporters who bid,donated items,shared,paid and collected on time.

Our Christmas Auction raised a whopping £400 !!!!

Just amazing, with so many beautiful items donated.

I thank you all from the bottom of Howards furry heart !!!

Our monthly auctions keep our little rescue going,your support this year has been brilliant.Be very proud of yourself !!!

A special mention to Liz Cassidy who was posted leaflets and posters just about everywhere !!!!

christmas thanlk you



Our Christmas auction is well underway on facebook with some fantastic bargains !!

Visit now and do your Christmas shoping !!

Join our other 700 members having fun bidding

Search facebook groups:The Potteries GPR - Rescue Auction

Auction ends 27th November 8pm !!!

We post worldwide (for extra amount )and delivery will be in time for Christmas

festive piggy


I can now share some lovely, heart warming news.

A retired police officer recently passed away and his wish was that all his funeral donations would come to our little rescue. I was totally blown away by this and it was a humbling experience to have such generosity of someone i have never met.

His wife visited our event last saturday and handed over this wonderful donation.

This donation will enable us to refurbish our Tunstall rescue base and provide Mandy with a much needed new Guinea Pig shed and electric lights !!!

May you rest in peace Mr Stuart Richards, a caring wonderful person.

Helen and Team xxx


A huge thank you to all those supporters who attended our event on Saturday 18th November,donated items to sell and helped promote our event.

We had a fantastic day,with lots of visitors and furry friends.

We raised over £300 on our stall alone and other rescues raised much needed funds too.

Photo slide to follow shortly !!!

Thank you everyone xxxx

Helen and Team


wade fair 2 2017


Really busy week preparing for the event on saturday !!

Major Rescue influx this week,we are now a baby creche !!!

Saturday 11th November 

Vicky foster carer picked up Heidi and Tiny Tina and dropped off a sow trio.

Sow trio mum age 1 year and 2 daughtersage 6 months all beautiful but, very timid.

Typical !! bought stuck in a hutch and not bothered with. They have settled at mine and are gaining confidence. Since arriving they have not stopped eating.

Tip of the week

Putting timid guinea pigs in a hutch / indoor cage at our height helps reduce stress,no big humans looming over them.Try it,it works !!! They are all coming out for food and will stay in main hutch whilst i potter around the garage.

Mum has been called Honey and daughters Twinkle and Star. Available for adoption soon.

Message at 10pm 11th November Heidi had delivered a healthy single baby !!!! Mum and Baby doing really well, Aunty Tina is helping.Their is a competition on the Guinea Pig forum to guess weight and sex.

Beautiful Mum Honey around 15 months - Pictured below

Daughters Twinkle and Star age around 6 months - Pictured below.

Sunday 12th November

I called at Mandys to see another pregnant sow who had just arrived. As we both peered into the cage,we saw 4 !!!! little faces looking up at us and one exhausted mum. They are all doing well.

Full details and photos to follow.

Helen xx

honey twinkle and star


6 Guinea Pigs arrived on Monday night from a neglect situation.

Mandy did a night time dash - yes,in her pyjamas - to collect them - 4 have new names already.

Heidi - Age 9 months pregnant !! beautiful smooth hair grey /white,looks like she has already had a litter

Tiny Tina - Age around 5 months  but very underweight only 350g - tiny !! Tri colour smooth hair, tufty head !!

Holly - Age 4 months single sow. Brown abby cross.

Tiny Tim -  Age around 9 months Albino and blind.Such a gorgeous sweet boar.

Boar pair - Underweight

Full details and photos to follow !!

Helen xx


We have  new pairs of Guinea Pigs available for adoption.Please see adoption pages.

Our plans for the Animal Rescue Fair are going well !! and we cant wait to meet you at this special event.

wade fair 2 2017

Helen xx


Fantastic day at the rescue.

Following successful set up checks - Cullen & Jacob / Chilli & Quaver 

Went to their forever homes !!!

Best wishes to them all in their new homes xxxx 


We have some fantastic guinea pigs available for adoption !!! Cullen & Jacob are ready for their forever home after having an awful start in life...see boar adoption page for details.

George went to his forever home this week !! Great news for owner Vet Nurse Steph and bereaved boar Ziggy who now has a new friend.Great result xx

Noodle & Nichola  recently left for their new home in Yorkshire !!! 

Denis and Tango are reserved and will meet their new family on Monday

Have a great weekend everyone,several adoption visits this weekend so hopefully good news next week !!!

Its not long till our Christmas animal rescue fair please put the date on your calendar !!!

wade fair 2 2017


Please visit our new page - Why we dont support the concept of classroom pets

Its really important we educate the next generation of pet owners correctly.

Our October auction starts October 1st we have some magical halloween theme items with lots of lovely gifts too !!! Join the other 700 members of our auction group on facebook - The Potteries GPR online auction group

Happy bidding and we post world wide !!!


Its been a busy couple of weeks hence the late update.

We have had 4 single boars and a mum with 2 baby boars arrive at the rescue via the piggy bank.

All had been rescued along with another 163 Guinea Pigs from a hoarder situation in Worthing.

They have all received veterinary checks and are now being cared for by foster carers.

Ted arrived with a nasty shoulder injury and required staples to his wound,he has made a great recovery and has been neutered today - Now rehomed with sow companion Spencer.

Terry was in overall good health and has been neutered today -Now rehomed to live with sow companion

Theo gentle boar had a boar date at the weekend  - Has been rehomed to live with a single boar in Shrewsbury.

Tigger had a nasty mite infection and is receiving ongoing medical care at present -Still receiving care

All boars were underweight and had torn ears.

Mum was ok just underweight but her poor little boys had most of the hair missing from their faces due to mites -Mum now happily living in a sow group, Brothers are now a boar pair awaiting adoption.

Photos to follow guys its just been hectic to find PC time !!

On a positive note !!!

Fanta has been rehomed and gone to live with Poppy and Belle -Please read our fantastic guest book feedback !!

Wiggy & Ziggy were rehomed yesterday !! Great result for them.

Theo had a boar date on Saturday with bereaved boar Draco and has now moved to Shrewsbury.


In April we had a young boar Dave neutered.He has made a great recovery with his foster mum Dotty and a few weeks ago Dotty found a Guinea Pig had been left in a box on her drive !!

This turned out to be a beautiful little sow Dotty called Sunshine.

Sunshine had a vet check and fortunatly was in good health.


Well this little story has a happy ending which,is what we like best at The Potteries GPR !

Dave fell head over heels for Sunshine and,they have both gone together today to their forever home.

sunshine and dave

Thank you Dotty for the fabulous photos and care xxx 


Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our July facebook auction.

We had some lovely items and raised £320 for residents in our care !!!

Thank you xxx


Noodle was neutered yesterday and is now recovering with foster carer Dale.

Toby neutered boar is now ready for adoption


Our Party in the Park stall raised over £100 for Guinea Pigs in our care

We had an amazing day - photos to follow xx

Our latest face book auction is underway join our group at "The Potteries gpr online auction" group on facebook.

Lots of amazing items all kindly donated by the public and local business`s.


Custard continues to make a great recovery : Fur is now growing back and the aloe veterinary spray has really helped his skin healing.

New arrivals:

Tatler bereaved single sow age 2 - REHOMED to live with Snowdrop bereaved single sow age 2 !!!

Great result, photo to follow !!!

Ziggy - Black / Ginger smooth hair single boar age 7 months

Noodle - Pink eyed white single boar age 7 months -Neutered

Single boars will be assessed for bonding, and if required will join our neutering programme over the next 2 weeks.


We had 2 new arrivals on Wednesday evening.

Boar pair from Chester area kindly taken in from a neglect situation and brought safely to the rescue.

Renamed Rhubarb & Custard - Both around 18 months old although very underweight.

Custard has a nasty mange mite infection and is now on mite treatment,antibiotics and aloe vera gel for open sore wounds.


Rhubarb is well and just underweight.


Beautiful boars.

custard and rhubarb

If you would like to donate to their care please use our link and add message - Rhubarb and Custard vet care


Toby has been neutered and is recovering well,he will be ready in 5 weeks time for a sow companion.

Our recent Fathers Day auction raised over £400 for the rescue,this enabled us to credit our vet account,buy long term residents a new indoor cage and to help continue our neutering programme for single teenage boars.

Our next event is `Party in the Park` on the 8th July at Clough Hall Park in Kidsgrove 


We welcome donations of items for all our fundraising events and auctions - Tombola and unwanted gifts welcome !!!!

Week 5/6/17

Jamie & Cutie pie have been adopted, and we have pairs reserved which is great news.

Long term resident Stanley had his emergency surgery this week for an abdominal mass,he is making a great recovery with foster carer Dale.

Here Stanley Age 5 is with his wife Snowdrop.The rescue sent him some treats to cheer him up.

Our next fundraiser is July 8th at Party in the Park,Kidsgrove.

Enjoy the warm weather and make sure your Guinea Pigs are safe and cool !!!

stanley and snowdrop

Week 17/4/17

We have had a great Easter,our animal rescue fair on April 8th raised over £400 and everyone involved had a  great day.

These unique events bring together lots of local animal rescues all fundraising and promoting their work.

It was a packed hall with lots of furry friends visiting us !!!

Here are some lovely photos of our event;

Our Christmas event is already being planned keep an eye on our fundraising page.

easter 10 easter event 1

easter 13 easter event 3

easter 12 easter 8


easter 6 easter 11

New arrivals Toby & Marty have settled and are now ready for a forever home.

Dave & Jamie are making a great recovery from their recent neuterings - They will be available for sow dates in 4 weeks time.

Sebby & Paul are also available for adoption

Week 3/4/17

New arrivals :

Boar pair, had been living with a rabbit.Scared and in need of a patient loving new home.Bonded pair.

Jamie - Single boar will be shortly neutered.

Dave - Single boar 6 months will be shortly neutered.

Sow pair age 3 due in Saturday 1st April.

Week c 6/3/17

Sunday 5th March the gorgeous Harley and Kizzy went to live in Wigan !!

They had a great date with 3 year old bereaved Saffy, and have moved into a fantastic C&C set up. We wish them all the best in their forever home.

Kizzy (left) and Saffy meeting each other.Both sows liked each other !!

Kizzy and Saffy

NEVER buy a baby boar trio,it never works and you will be left with splitting your boars.Harley is one of the lucky ones,apart from torn ears he is ok.

Dont put your `Pets at Risk`!!!!

Harley another victim of a large retail pet stores disgraceful selling policies, now safely rehomed.

Thank you Martin & Karen xx

harley wigan

Week c 27/2/17

Our Mothers Day theme facebook auction is now under way and ends March 8th at 8pm.

We have lots of lovely items at bargain starting prices.

Please visit our facebook page and follow the link to bid

We post worldwide !!!!

The legendary greg

Week c 30/1/17: 

Rich and Simon were rehomed yesterday,which is great news for 2 lovely Guinea Pigs.

Basil {left) has a little sniffle and has been to the vets today,he has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics for the next 2 weeks.He is otherwise well in himself but we shall keep a close eye on him.

Harley continues to recover from his neutering surgery and is back to his normal active self !!!

basisl and marmalade